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Generate personal power through heat, the sun, or anything that moves!


Power your consumer electronics!

Don’t spend a fortune constantly buying AA batteries. The BatterBee is a USB rechargeable AA battery that can charge anywhere, is always on hand, and is helping save the Earth. Buy yours today!

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SkyBee available for pre-order!

The SkyBee is the fastest solar charger on the market and even works in the rain. Why be left without power? Sign up for our wait-list for information, exclusive early release prices, and more information on other Hydrobee products!

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FireBee now for sale!

The FireBee Power Tower is now available on Shopify! Buy one today and start generating power from heat!

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Personal Power from Nature – Anywhere

Hydrobee products are your personal USB power sources recharged by water, wind, sun, fire, bicycles, muscles and more. They provide USB 3.0 power to charge multiple cellphones, a tablet PC, or a LED lamp for many hours of light.

September 5, 2017:  National Geographic Partners has honored Hydrobee as a Finalist in their global Chasing Genius contest.

January 28, 2017: Hydrobee presents the Firebee cookstove power generator at the ETHOS annual conference on clean cookstoves in developing countries.

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We are thinking hard about the problem of dead batteries polluting the world.   Our GenerBee has Lithium-Ion batteries, just like phone batteries.  When they finally die after about 500 recharges, what happens to them?   This problem is being addressed by a relatively...

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Hydrobee at Seattle Startup Week

On Oct. 4, Seattle Startup Week is featuring Hydrobee founder Burt Hamner sharing lessons on "The Evolution of How Things Get Made" based on his journey making renewable energy products. It's free and if you are thinking of making a product,you'll learn from from...

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