Hydrobee is one of 8 North America Finalists in a global startup competition.  The Kauffman Foundation, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is the world’s largest funder of entrepreneurship programs.  This year it is the host of the North America finals of “Get in the Ring,” an international startup pitch competition that is a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week, bringing together innovative entrepreneurs from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

During this high-energy, entertaining event, eight entrepreneurs from the North American countries — narrowed from over 500 applicants — actually get in a boxing ring before a packed audience for a verbal sparring match describing their business model, how they make money, team and traction.  They have 25 seconds to cover each of the four topics – 100 seconds to describe and “sell” their business.  The event was held at the historic Midland Theatre in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, on Nov. 7, 2014.  The winner, Dr Jeanette Hill of Spot On Sciences, will now travel to the Netherlands for the global finals for a chance at prizes, exposure, and up to $1 million in angel funding.

Hydrobee founder and President, Burt Hamner (below, far right with no hair), was one of the 8 Finalists.  Watch his segment of the big show at  52:45 on the Get In The Ring page. For a better, more serious presentation, watch the Semi-finals video on same page at time 2:48:38.  If you have time watch the other entrepreneurs too, they are finalists out of more than 500 applicants.

We are grateful to the Kauffman Foundation and sponsors for supporting us and this great opportunity.

Burt Hamner at GITR (Small)