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August 2017:   Mechanical Engineer – Renewable Energy


Make New Renewable Energy Prototypes at Hydrobee!   Design, make and test new accessories to spin the Hydrobee generator – wind, water, bikes, wagons, kites, and more.  Make new versions of the Firebee thermo-electric power system for stoves.   Supervise product development in partnership with our broker DA International.   Be The Engineer at Hydrobee!   Compensation is in equity (shares) and some cash, depending on negotation.   Companies in this space, like Envirofit Stoves, D Light and Off Grid Electric, have raised over $100 million in venture capital and other funds.   Hydrobee has superior technology that they and other companies like them can sell.

Function:   Perform as Engineer of the Company, responsible for Technology management.  Act as backup President when needed.

Objective:  Manage the development of Hydrobee energy technologies to sell in selected countries.


1. Product Launch – Hydrobee Personal Power Products

1.1. Test and document existing prototypes

1.2. Produce product technical descriptions and manuals

1.3. Guide remaining production steps

1.4. Estimate supply times and supervise supply

1.5. Create fulfillment system

2. Create a product development and manufacturing system.  

2.1. Organize previous design efforts and tools and select tools going forward.

2.2. Produce product technical descriptions and documents and BOM

2.3. Sketch component and system design paths for Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

2.4. Develop component design tasks

2.5. Build CAD frames for components

2.6. Produce and present the Product Visions

2.7. Supervise components development with consultants / suppliers

2.8. Test prototypes and supervise revisions

3. Create sustainable supply chains.

3.1. Conduct life cycle assessment of components

3.2. Model system use x 1M

3.3. Identify priority impact areas

3.4. Create supply chain strategy following published guidelines

3.5. Manage suppliers

3.6. Prepare RFPs and evaluate responses

3.7. Visit and manage suppliers

3.8. Implement QA / QC

4. Deliver tested, warrantied products to distributors.  

4.1. Evaluate distributor technical capabilities

4.2. Conduct field tests

4.3. Produce training materials

4.4. Create service and repair systems

4.5. Document and educate

5. Help develop social media story about products

5.1. Participate in media production

5.2. Manage own personal social media “brand”: “The Engineer at Hydrobee”

Qualifications :

  • Lifetime record of making stuff, and has home shop with engineering gear
  • 8+ years progressive experience in electronic product development in teams
  • Successful experience in small / startup companies and comfortable with organized chaos
  • Competent in CAD with Solidworks and/or Autodesk Inventor
  • Competent with mechanical and electrical testing equipment
  • Qualified to use machine shops and experienced in making metal and 3D parts

Hours per Week : 40 nominal.  Salaried position so more hours may be needed at times.

Desired Start Date : Immediately

Compensation: Significant equity ownership in the company plus some cash.   To be negotiated.

Job Location : Hydrobee HQ at Magnuson Park in Seattle, Washington

Equal Opportunity Hiring:   We STRONGLY encourage women and minorities to apply!

Application : Send a resume and a one-page statement of interest and qualifications, or questions, to burt@hydrobee.com,

website www.hydrobee.com .

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