Our Team

Our Founders are Burt Hamner and Dane Roth.

Burt Hamner

President | Co-Founder

Burt Hamner is President of Hydrobee SPC.  Before founding this company in 2013 he founded, grew and sold Hydrovolts, Inc.

Dane Roth

Vice President | Co-Founder

Dane Roth is Vice President of Product Development and Design for Hydrobee SPC. He has over 20 years experience in Mechanical

Paul Salzman

Operations Adviser

Paul Salzman is Operations Adviser.  He is co-founder of Portable Charging Systems producing a USB battery pack with hand-crank charger


Prototyping is led by Dave Vaillancourt, founder and President of DA Graphics.  For 20+ years he has created products in China and has a vast web of factory partners who make things similar to Hydrobee, like remote-controlled toy hydrofoil raceboats with waterproof electronics, batteries and propellers in a fine plastic body.

Our Mentor is Michael “Luni” Libes.  He is a serial entrepreneur and the Teacher / Provocateur in the Fledge and Kick startup incubator programs.  Hydrobee was a member of the fall 2013 FLEDGE accelerator program, that’s our graduation video clip on our home page with Luni introducing the program.

Warren Evans is Advisor for International Development.   Warren was the Director of the Environment Department at The World Bank in Washington DC from 2006-2013.  Before that he was the Director of Environment and Social Safeguards at the Asian Development Bank (1988-2003).  Warren is an environmental health engineer who has been leading technical initiatives in water resources since 1974.

Eric Rasmussen, MD is Adviser for Field Testing and Rapid Response Markets.  He is a global expert, consultant and teacher in disaster planning and response technologies.  He has 20+ years experience as a Navy doctor with multiple combat tours.  Eric is leader of the Roddenberry Foundation Disaster Response Team that provides water purified on site and Rapid Telecommunications Damage Assessment.  Eric is CEO at Infinitum Humanitarian Systems and CEO in Innovatio, a socially-responsible manufacturing team in Mexico that we have engaged to establish manufacturing in Mexico for the 50M+ Latin America market for Hydrobee.

Frank Sanborn is Adviser for Smart Hardware.  His recent focus is the use of wireless mesh networking for communication infrastructure for disaster resilience. He makes “smart hardware” with open-source Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other inexpensive technologies.  Sanborn was an External Entrepreneur / Innovation Fellow for the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He is a volunteer innovator and member of the Global Disaster Innovation Group, Field Innovation Team, a 501(c3) that develops new technology to help first responders and local communities response to and recover from disasters. Before becoming a technology manager in several companies he was a Program Manager Architect for 12 years at Microsoft, where he brought many products to market. Later he was the Rural Incubation Program Manager in Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential emerging market group focusing on building sustainable software, services, solutions and business models to improve the lives of people living at the “Bottom of the Pyramid”.

Dan Terry is Adviser for Prototyping and Thermo-Electric Generation.  He has 30+ years in a variety of manufacturing and rapid prototyping engagements and has 13 patents.  Dan is an expert in heat sinks and thermo-electric generators.  DanTerry Inc has incubated and spun out over half a dozen companies, and he has provided design solutions for custom-dedicated manufacturing equipment and factory layouts. Dan specializes in precision aluminum extrusion solutions, LED thermal solutions, thermal products, and the development of alternative energy in hydro-power systems, solar solutions, and hydrogen components.

Hydrobee’s Founding Attorney is Joe Wallin.  Joe has decades of experience in angel and venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, and provides general counsel services for companies from startup to post-public. Joe is the founder and editor of StartupLawBlog.com.

Hydrobee SPC is located at ImpactHub Seattle, a conscious co-working space.


Hydrobee is an Autodesk Clean Tech Partner.  We use Autodesk software to design our products.  The Autodesk Innovator program includes the Eco-Materials Adviser that helps us make our products in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

OSSCube is our official partner for software development.  OSSCube is a world leader in Open Source Software development.  It has helped organizations around the world–ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to high tech startups.  It has successfully delivered integrated enterprise business solutions to organizations around the world including industry leaders like Intel, Google, Yahoo, Trend Micro, and LinkedIn.  Lavanya Rastogi, CEO of OSSCube, is from India and has worked extensively in developing countries.   He is  passionate about nonprofit work and serves on the board of a Global Non Profit Organization, devoting significant amount of his time and talent to supporting projects across USA, India, Africa & South America and leading CSR initiatives for OSSCube.  Lavanya and his team are excited to partner with Hydrobee as we develop new ways to connnect our PowerBee to cell phone grids, create new apps for interaction with the device and for microfinancing, and for development of Wireless Mesh Networks so PowerBee can become a node for local wireless communications after a blackout or in an off-grid village.

Lumeter Networks is our partner for Micro-Finance.  Lumeter Networks has developed an affordable pre-paid off-grid electricity meter, and cloud accounting software that it provides to renewable energy providers who are providing access to electricity for the poorest populations in developing countries.  Lumeter co-founder and CEO, Mitra Ardron, has decades of experience in developing countries and creating novel software solutions.  He is a leader in open-source software solutions for micro-finance.