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The patent-pending Hydrobee is a USB battery pack that is charged by multiple free natural energy sources, including water from a faucet, hose or pipe, streams and rivers, bicycles and carts, hand-cranks, belt drive pulleys, solar panels and thermal energy. Anyone with the right natural energy source can charge  this battery pack, and then use the battery to charge their cell phone or to power LED lights all night.

-Output:  2 x USB 3.0 ports, 5V x 2A, 5000 mAh
-Size:  Same as a (USA) standard 12-oz soda can.  Weight:   1 lb.
-Charging time:  3-4 hours depending on the energy resource.  3 hours using USB 3.0.


The StreamBee is our first accessory charger.  It charges the Hydrobee from natural streams, rivers or waterfalls.  The StreamBee holds the Hydrobee turbine in its plastic floating body, which has a external propeller attached to the Hydrobee rotor in the can.  The flowing water spins the propeller and the Hydrobee internal generator to charge the batteries.  You can put the StreamBee in a natural stream and do something else for a few hours, then return and take the StreamBee out of the water, and take the Hydrobee out of the StreamBee body.  Then you have a full “can of juice” for powering your phone or LED lights.

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