GenerBee (PRE-ORDER)


The GenerBee (Generator – USB) lets you make your own wind turbine, water wheel, bike generator, farm wagon and more to generate phone-charging USB power.  Attach anything that spins to the GenerBee shaft, and after a few hours unscrew the battery from the mounting block and walk away with your USB power source.   Use the modular gear box to speed up to 1000 RPM and make power that is stored in the GenerBee Li-Ion battery (same as a cell phone).   2-3 hours of spin will charge the battery.  The 5000 mAh battery has enough power to recharge 2 smart phones.  It is rated for 500 cycles or recharges.  It has 2 USB 3.0 power ports, and a micro-USB input charging port so it can also be recharged by grid power, a solar panel or our Firebee Power Tower.

The GenerBee is a modular system.  Each unit is waterproof and they screw together to make a unit the size of a soda can.  Each unit can be replaced if it fails, and of course after about 500 recharges the batteries must be replaced.  Just screw the new unit to the other parts and you are back making power.

The GenerBee comes with a mounting block so you can firmly attach it to an installation of your own making.  Once installed, simply unscrew the battery from the block when it is charged, and you can swap in another battery.   One battery has enough power to run an LED lamp for 3 hours every night for 7 days.  It takes about 3 hours to charge the battery.  So one GenerBee installation can charge 8 batteries in 24 hours.  Since each can provide night-time light for 7 days, one installation can service 8 x 7 = 56 people or homes with their own batteries.  Imagine – one GenerBee installation can provide power for 56 homes if they have their own GenerBee batteries to swap.  We estimate 56 homes can have power for phones and LED lights for a total cost of about $1000, including installation labor. That’s about $20 per home.   That’s the lowest price ever to provide reliable useful power to a home.

The GenerBee has a screw-on LED light that can illuminate a whole room.  Use it as a flashlight or a lamp.  We are developing other modules to screw on to the GenerBee including a full “Computer in a Can”.  The NetBee is a full 386x computer, made with Arduino and Raspberry Pi open-source hardware, and running on the GenerBee’s 5V USB power.   You can add any related accessories to it – a video camera, GPS, accelerometer, BlueTooth, WiFi, repeater radio, etc.

The GenerBee is in production and will be available in late 2017.  You can Pre Order yours now!

What is Pre-Order?

We need a minimum quantity of orders to get you the best price, so we can’t provide a firm shipping date yet. When you pre-order, you enter your credit card info, but it is not charged to you until the product is shipped to you. So your delivery, and the product, is guaranteed. Before the product is shipped you will get an email to confirm your address and that you still want the product. All products are in preparation for orders now, and will ship within 6 weeks if all goes well!