BatterBee USB Rechargeable Battery 4-pack (PRE-ORDER)


You know rechargeable batteries make sense.  But recharging them in those little plastic gizmos is annoying.  But no longer!  The BatterBee (Battery USB) is a AA battery that recharges from any USB power source for phones! It has its own male USB plug and recharges in about 2 hours from a USB port with 1 amp output.  Now you can recharge your AA batteries any time with the phone chargers you already have.

The BatterBee can be recharged up to 500 times.  That means a 4-pack of BatterBees will replace TWO THOUSAND disposable batteries. That’s about 100 pounds of wasted toxic material.  At $1 a battery, 2000 batteries will cost you $2000! BatterBees save the Earth and a STUPID lot of money.

We’re working with a platform called Celery to allow you to pre-order the BatterBee! You won’t be charged until the item ships and we’ll confirm with you to see if you still want it before we ship it.

Product Information

BatterBees use the reliable Lithium-Ion that phone batteries use.  The Li-I batteries don’t lose their power slowly like regular batteries – they give full power until they finally run down.  Then recharge them in a few hours, just like charging your phone, from the same USB ports.  BatterBees provide true 1.5V charging power.

Charges in about two hours

BatterBees charge three times faster than older (NiMH) rechargeable batteries. Charging rate depends on power output of the USB charger.  This varies between chargers.  Buy our MeterBee to measure the charger outputs!

The BatterBee will recharge in about 2 hours from a USB port with 1A output.  A USB port with 0.5A output produces half as much power, so it will take about 4 hours to charge the BatterBee from that USB port.

Long Life

Can be recharged up to 500 times.  Environmental factors, especially heat, can affect the battery life.

Constant high energy output

Best for high-drain applications like tools, radios, toys, gaming controllers, electric razors or toothbrushes.

What is Pre-Order?

We need a minimum quantity of orders to get you the best price, so we can’t provide a firm shipping date yet. When you pre-order, you enter your credit card info, but it is not charged to you until the product is shipped to you. So your delivery, and the product, is guaranteed. Before the product is shipped you will get an email to confirm your address and that you still want the product. All products are in preparation for orders now, and will ship within 6 weeks if all goes well!