We are delighted to announce the first two members of our new Board of Advisers.

Dr. Eric Rasmussen is a medical doctor and the CEO at Infinitum Humanitarian Systems.   IHS provides long-term disaster risk management through infrastructure assessments, community education, and affordable access to appealing, socially responsible, and highly effective products.  Eric is a leader in disaster response planning and rapid deployment and he gets on the ground fast when disasters hit around the world.  He is ready to use Hydrobee for powering his teams and the needy.  As Adviser to Hydrobee Eric will help us source responsible manufacturing in Mexico, advise our field testing protocols, review and comment on test results, help with packaging design to ease logistics and handling, and promote Hydrobee to his global network of military, scientific and humanitarian organizations.

Eric spent 25 years on active duty with the US Navy, including more than 15 deployments to multiple natural disasters and three wars. On his Navy retirement he was both Chairman of the Department of Medicine within the Navy hospital near Seattle, Washington, and Special Advisor in Humanitarian Informatics for the US Office of the Secretary of Defense.  When Eric “retired” in 2010 he was President and Chief Executive Officer of InSTEDD, a Google-founded NGO specializing in humanitarian support through technology and education.   Before his selection as CEO of InSTEDD, Dr. Rasmussen had been a Principal Investigator for both the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and for the National Science Foundation, and he sits on several boards, including the National Academy of Science’s Committee on Grand Challenges in International Development.

Dan Terry is founder and President of Dan Terry, Inc.  He has 30+ years experience developing electro-mechanical and mechanical devices.    Dan will help us with product development planning, prototype review and testing, and with design of Thermo-Electric Generators (TEGs) that can power the Hydrobee.

Dan specializes in Design for Manufacturability, product and component development, start-up, ramp-up, continuous improvement and supply chain management.   Some of his specialties include precision custom aluminum extrusion solutions, LED thermal solutions, thermal products, alternative hydro-power systems, ethanol distillation-systems, and solar panel installation solutions.  He has at least 13 patents we know of!

We are honored and delighted that these two experts have formally joined the Hydrobee SPC team as Advisers who have a long-term commitment to our success.   Look for them to show up in amazing stories soon to come!