The 2014 Bi-annual Report of the Green Power for Mobile program has this startling information:

****   Future mobile subscriber growth will be concentrated in developing countries of Africa and Asia, among populations who are currently ‘unconnected’ to mobile phone networks. These populations, which are estimated to grow to approximately 2 billion people by 2020, overwhelmingly inhabit rural areas where access to electricity is patchy and unreliable at best: 30-40% of rural populations in developing countries lack access to grid-based electricity. This represents almost 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa alone and another 600-625 million in Asia (about 300-350 million of whom are in India). Therefore, over the next six years, as mobile network operators (MNOs) and tower companies (TowerCos) stretch networks into ever more remote locations to achieve universal coverage, the existing base of off-grid and bad-grid telecom towers is expected to grow substantially at about 16% annually.***

So 2 billion people will be looking for power to charge their phones in 2020.  This is USB power, 5V standard.  This is why Hydrobee will succeed:  2 Billion People Need a Hydrobee!