Kickstarter Concludes

Our Kickstarter campaign ended on December 9.  We have #21,399 in pledges from 422 backers.  But we did not reach our goal of $48,000 so we did not succeed and will not get any funds.  Kickstarter has a “All or Nothing” policy for funding.  All wonderful backers will not be charged on their credit cards, so there is nothing to refund.

Obviously we are disappointed but we are learning why we did not succeed.  Enough people said the rewards structure was confusing that it turned them off and that obviously did not help.  There is confusion about the difference between the Hydrobee on a faucet and in a stream.  Some people said that the faucet application is wasteful of water, which is only true if you don’t use the water for some logical thing like drinking, cleaning, gardening etc.  Others said it would be more appealing if it could be charged by wind or bikes.

So we need to rethink our message, and our potential for other charging sources.

The good news is we have been featured in at least 100 media outlets with great articles about us in well known sites like Treehugger, Gizmodo, Xconomy and others.  Just search for Hydrobee on Google and there they are.  We got great Twitter push, and about 30 of our backers are really enthusiastic and ready to help out with product development, testing, promotion etc.

It’s no fun not to succeed, but we heard enough to know that maybe that’s a good thing – people want a different product and we need better messaging, and now we are not committed to sending our backers something that’s not our best product.  Lessons learned.  I need a beer.