Crowdfunding in Washington State

I will be one of the speakers at a great event on August 7 at North Seattle Community College: Equity Crowdfunding: A new way to raise money for your startup will present the state leaders behind the new Washington Crowdfunding Law that allows anyone to “go public” selling shares up to $1 million to residents of Washington State (and ONLY them).   It’s hoped this will help startups with good popular appeal get the funding they need, without giving up control of their companies to large investors.  Register now, there will be lots of dialogue with state and business leaders how to roll this out to our citizens.

Hydrobee Wins!!

Did you see the tweets? Hydrobee of Seattle (yes us) has won the V2Venture of SXSW 2014!! Specifically we won the “Innovative World Technology” award, as you can see HERE. If you are interested in seeing what comes next be sure to subscribe because we are up to a lot as you can imagine!! We have a whole world to charge up, let’s get started!!