About Our Mission and Methods

Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of people living in energy poverty and to help everyone have backup power for their USB devices.

We are inventors and product designers and humanitarians for international development.  We are creating a new renewable energy platform and product line.  We are growing our Social Purpose Corporation in Seattle within a network of social entrepreneurs and organizations who give us tremendous support.  Hydrobee SPC graduated from the Fledge Accelerator for Conscious Companies at Impact Hub Seattle and won the 2014 national Business for Good contest of the Social Enterprise Alliance.

We are committed to building a highly profitable and sustainable global business following the principles laid out in the 2013 book, The Business Solution to Poverty, by Polak and Warwick, which are based on 50 years of experience creating profitable products for the poorest people.  To make a measurable difference to the 2 billion people living at the “bottom of the pyramid” our goal is to build a business that can generate a billion dollars in revenue and reach 100 million people.

We are also following the PATH Commercialization Toolkit of a combination of approaches that were successful in making health products available to low-income households in developing countries. The toolkit modules include: Landscape, Product and service, Operations, Key opinion leaders, Sales, Marketing, Reporting, and Financing.