Market Reports:  Micro Renewables vs Grid Power

Market Reports: Micro Renewables vs Grid Power

Results of a 2013 study of the market potential for distributed micro-renewables like Hydrobee have been published by Norplan, a Norwegian consulting firm.

  1. NORPLAN Study: Cost Competitivness of Rural Electrification Solutions
  2. Cost-benefit analysis of rural electrification
  3. The potential of solar PV off-grid systems

The study compares these quantified benefits of electrification with up-to-date cost estimations for various electrification technologies.  The study demonstrates that solar PV mini-grid (and off-grid) is cost competitive with fuel generators and an economically viable alternative.  Hydrobee is a core component of any micro solar system because it has the battery and electronics needed but it also works when there is no sun!

Showtime in Seattle

Showtime in Seattle

Hydrobee is exhibiting at the SURF Expo on June 18, 2-6 pm, in downtown Seattle.   Over 100 startup companies are showcasing their products and initiatives.   Over 700 attendees are expected.  We will have a table shared with our production partner DA International Group.

The next week, on June 22 we are presenting at the Cleantech Showcase sponsored by Cleantech Alliance of Washington, on the Seattle waterfront.  Twenty other companies and organizations are also presenting.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the major trends for clean tech in the state and region, and who are the rising stars.  With twenty minutes to present, we’ll discuss Hydrobee and also the macro trends globally that are creating this huge new market for off grid charging with our product.  Contact Burt Hamner at 206-491-0945 if you are interested to hear the Hydrobee presentation as our guest.


2 Billion People Will Need Off-Grid Charging by 2020

2 Billion People Will Need Off-Grid Charging by 2020

The 2014 Bi-annual Report of the Green Power for Mobile program has this startling information:

****   Future mobile subscriber growth will be concentrated in developing countries of Africa and Asia, among populations who are currently ‘unconnected’ to mobile phone networks. These populations, which are estimated to grow to approximately 2 billion people by 2020, overwhelmingly inhabit rural areas where access to electricity is patchy and unreliable at best: 30-40% of rural populations in developing countries lack access to grid-based electricity. This represents almost 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa alone and another 600-625 million in Asia (about 300-350 million of whom are in India). Therefore, over the next six years, as mobile network operators (MNOs) and tower companies (TowerCos) stretch networks into ever more remote locations to achieve universal coverage, the existing base of off-grid and bad-grid telecom towers is expected to grow substantially at about 16% annually.***

So 2 billion people will be looking for power to charge their phones in 2020.  This is USB power, 5V standard.  This is why Hydrobee will succeed:  2 Billion People Need a Hydrobee!



“FireBee” Student Team Wins $20,000 Prize

“FireBee” Student Team Wins $20,000 Prize

FireBee, a student team at the University of Washington mentored by the Hydrobee founders, won both the $15,000 Grand Prize and the $5,000 Clean Energy Prize on April 2  in the 2015 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. FireBee has developed an alternative energy source for people who live off the grid. The portable thermoelectric generator turns third-world cooking fires into personal power stations for charging small electronics and other low-power uses.

      Firebee team at UW Enviro Innovation Challenge 2 (6) (Small)      Firebee Team at UW Enviro Innovation Challenge (4)

The Firebee team developed and built a new design to convert heat from an African cookstove into USB power.  The “Obamastove” was created by Yusuf Tura in Ethiopia.  His company, Green Energy Without Borders, has sold over 250,000 stoves.  Ethiopia has over 90 million people, almost all of whom cook with charcoal or wood fires.  ​Yusuf Tura has placed a contingent purchase order with the Firebee team for 200 Firebee chargers he will test with his customers.

The Firebee team won the Clean Energy prize of $5000, and the Grand Prize of $15,000, beating 21 other student teams from 7 universities.  The Grand Prize winner was selected by vote of 168 judges who are leaders in the Seattle cleantech and venture community.

Download the Press Release  Hydrobee PR – Wins Enviro Innovation Challenge

Hydrobee gets “Best Investment Opportunity” award from Zino Society

The Zino Society is one of the leading angel investment organizations in the Seattle region.  Last week, at their “50 Shades of Green” investment forum, Hydrobee president Burt Hamner gave a 5-minute pitch and won the awards for Best Investment Opportunity and Best Presenter.

Thanks to mentors Kevin Regan and John Inman for their great coaching to reduce a long presentation to just 5 minutes.  It’s not easy to tell a great story that fast but they helped me do it.

Inquiries about investment are welcome!  Send a note to Burt Hamner, President.