“FireBee” Student Team Wins $20,000 Prize

FireBee, a student team at the University of Washington mentored by the Hydrobee founders, won both the $15,000 Grand Prize and the $5,000 Clean Energy Prize on April 2  in the 2015 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. FireBee has developed...

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Crowdfunding on IndieGoGo!

We have launched!   Our new Crowdfunding campaign for Hydrobee has launched on IndieGoGo and you'll want to get there quick, the early discounts for Hydrobee perks are limited and Awesome!   Click this link and please Share and Follow us on your social media, it just...

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Cleantech Open Global Forum Shows Growth

Hydrobee is a Regional Semi-Finalist in the Cleantech Open this year.  Hydrobee president Burt Hamner is well known to the CTO, having won the 2011 National Sustainability prize there for his previous company Hydrovolts.  Burt attended the grand Global Forum and...

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