Burt Hamner

President of Hydrobee SPC

Burt Hamner is President of Hydrobee SPC.  Before founding this company in 2013 he founded, grew and sold Hydrovolts, Inc. which made hydrokinetic turbines that generate renewable energy from irrigation canals and industrial water systems.  He invented and filed patent applications for three new turbine designs.  Under his leadership Hydrovolts was the 2009 winner of the National Sustainability Award of the Clean Tech Open , and winner of the Imagine H2O Water-Energy Nexus prize.   Hydrovolts was named an Artemis Top 50 water technology company and a Global Energy Innovator by Launch.Org.   Burt was appointed as an International Advisor on Marine Energy Resources in 2008 by the New Zealand Ministry of Energy. He was appointed as Chairman of the Renewable Energy Committee of the Marine Technology Society from 2008-10.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Burt spent 15 years as a clean technology consultant in Southeast Asia and South America and he helped establish sustainable industry programs in a dozen countries.   His main clients were the US Agency for International Development, the Asian Development Bank, and the United Nations.   He was also a Professor of Operations at the Asian Institute of Management in Lima, Philippines, teaching the MBA core class, and a Professor of Environmental Accounting at the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru.   He helped design the national clean technology strategy for Thailand.  Burt is a published expert on Total Quality Environmental Management and management accounting for sustainable business, and he has trained over 5000 managers how to increase profits while decreasing environmental impacts.  His unique perspective on “clean tech” and sustainable business, and some of his published papers, are presented on his personal website, CleantechMentor.Com.