SkyBee Solar Charger

The SkyBee is a super portable solar panel that charges a high capacity power bank in just 45 minutes! The charge on the battery is enough to charge 3-4 iPhones to full on just one charge. The best aspect of the SkyBee solar charger is that because it is so powerful, it even charges in the rain!  That means it almost always works, unlike smaller solar panels.

There are two outputs for the SkyBee battery: USB 5V AND 18V 2A power.  Always have plenty of power in under an hour!


 Product Specifications

Number of Charging Ports 2USB and 1DC
Weight 4 lbs
Folded Size  12.2 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
Unfolded Size  53 x 23.6 x .24 inches

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